Motivations: Balancing the differing needs of students


Diversity is not just about gender and nationality it is also about the reasons that students study an MBA. Stuart Robinson explains.   The drive for diversity is a key issue for many business schools. Most business school professionals would agree that it is important to have a diversity of gender, nationality and socioeconomic background…

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BSIS: A Journey of Self-Discovery


Michel Kalika and Gordon Shenton assess the role of BSIS after seven years.   When BSIS (Business School Impact System) was created in 2012, the main aim was to develop a system that would allow business schools to convince their stakeholders of their impact and the extent of their usefulness to their impact zone. At…

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Pointing the way to a greener economy


The CEMS community explores the impact of the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) on business leadership and the creation of radical new business models. By Stephen Hoare.   In 2015 a UN global summit launched “Agenda 2030”, with a key element being its seventeen sustainable development goals (SDGs) which, in the words of the UN…

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The Case for Women


Lesley Symons has 10 years of research on gender representation in business case studies. The results are astounding.   In 2014, while studying at INSEAD in France, I noticed a lack of women leaders in the case papers I was reading. As a successful businesswoman with a history in senior leadership roles in global corporations,…

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Three is the magic number


Kirsty Bashforth examines the three aspects, strategic, social, and political, that need to be included in helping to change or maintain the desired culture within an organisation.   Culture is an oft-used word with many variations in what people are really referring to when they use it. Just like the word “performance”, it can descend…

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Delivering experience to achieve value


By understanding and attending to employee experience in a far more sophisticated manner than in years past, HR can expand its role among the leadership as an equal member of the executive team says Evan Metter.   As the forces of change within the workplace continue to accelerate at unprecedented speed, disruption has become the…

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Diversity, rhetoric and reality How HR can be a game changer


Viki Holton and Linda Holbeche explain how professional expertise can help make diversity initiatives successful.   Is diversity valued as it should be by business? How committed are companies in creating an inclusive workspace that truly welcomes and values every different diversity group? These are key questions in today’s business world. Diversity and inclusion have…

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The paradoxical age of me


Jordi Diaz explains why we love personalisation but fret about the technology that makes it possible.   “Personalisation” has become one of the principal keys to corporate success in a world of increasing consumer power. In times when the companies that go furthest are those who offer existing and potential clients access to previously exclusive…

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