More than just compliance


EFMD launches the Quality Assurance Academy. By Ulrich Hommel, Ivana Marinkovic and Benjamin Stévenin.   Quality assurance (QA) professionals are in short supply these days. As more and more business schools invest in international positioning, so demand is rising for professional talent capable of managing accreditation projects, leading ranking initiatives, driving the pursuit of topical…

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Flexible Future


Peter Lorange says that introducing greater flexibility and agility into executive education and allowing experts, instructors, contributors, professors and students to simultaneously and easily learn from each other are essential ingredients in building a secure future for management education.   Higher education in business and management has functioned in more or less the same way…

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Educating for personal strength and well-being


Business schools face increasing calls to expand their focus to educating for personal strength and well-being. Jeroen Kraaijenbrink outlines a nine-step programme that helps students—and staff—deal with the stress they face in today’s society.   Ever since their creation around a century ago, business schools have had a strong focus on helping students develop their…

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Chinese graduates: the employability disconnect


As more and more Chinese students study internationally, business schools must look at how they enable graduates to obtain jobs in China. Martin Lockett and Xuan Feng look at the challenges facing students, employers and business schools   A decade or two ago, foreign graduates from mainland China were rare and highly sought after by…

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Intentional impact from business schools


Paul Beaulieu explains how, in response to a new wave of social demands, business schools should adopt a more comprehensive and responsible social engagement. This may pave the way for the emergence of a new generation of business schools.

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Responsible research – some critical reflections


Fredrik Andersson welcomes the growing debate on “responsible research” but wonders if it goes too far or not far enough.   “Imagine a world where business or management research is used widely in practice by business and other non-business organizations to improve the lives of people in our societies.” This is the tag line of…

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When the world is not enough


Most business schools want to play in the global arena but are often poorly equipped to do so. International governance can often help, say Jean-Louis Mucchielli and Thomas Froehlicher.   All business schools have extensive international ambitions but very few of them have an effective international approach. Global governance plans are all about strategy but…

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Building agile organisational capability at Cigna


Robin Lewis and Bieke van Dessel, share insights into the role of human resources in building Cigna’s organisational capability.   Contemporary organisations are fluid and complex structures. Cigna, a global healthcare provider, aims to ensure the organisation is structured and enabled to handle lively and rapid change and be able to proactively support the needs…

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Through the labyrinth


How to navigate the maze of teaching digital transformation, by Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos and Marina Gryllaki.   In industry after industry, dominant, established firms face a tsunami of digital disruption with the odds typically against them. Firms initially snubbed digital disruption or at best grafted digital infrastructure onto their existing processes and systems. But, sooner rather…

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Living with sustainability


Percy Marquina outlines how a leading business school in Peru embraced sustainability.   Peru is the fifth-top ranked country in entrepreneurial activity in the world according to the Global Entrepreneurship Report 2019. This level of entrepreneurship is nourished by the strong cultural roots and characteristics of its inhabitants, who are in a constant search for…

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EFMD GN launches the Career Professionals Development Institute


By Ulrich Hommel and Amber Wigmore Alvarez.   EFMD Professional Development and Highered will launch a new training programme this autumn, the Career Professionals Development Institute (CPDI). The inaugural edition will take place on 20-22 November 2019 at Luiss Business School in Rome, immediately following the EFMD Career Services Conference. Next stop is likely to…

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What should business schools be for?


September 2019 Howard Thomas and Kenneth Starkey report on a new initiative that looks to business schools to re-orient themselves to a challenging new future. Much has been written about the future of the university, diagnosing management and business education either as a symptom of the decline of higher-education values or as a tonic for…

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Take control – seven steps for crisis communications in business schools


Thomas Bieger and Ulrich Schmid outline a straightforward approach to dealing with the increasing challenge posed by print and online media Excessive travel expenses; professors with conflicts of interest between private consulting and research; misconduct of alumni in management positions; offenses against scientific integrity; students questioning the political correctness of professors in classroom discussions. These…

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