More than just compliance

quality assurance academy

The vast majority of new hires nowadays learn the fundamentals of quality assurance “on the job”, by observing and imitating peers. The Quality Assurance Academy offers an alternative (but complementary) pathway.

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Flexible future


Peter Lorange says that introducing greater flexibility and agility into executive education and allowing experts, instructors, contributors, professors and students to simultaneously and easily learn from each other are essential ingredients in building a secure future for management education.

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Educating for personal strength and well-being


Business schools face increasing calls to expand their focus to educating for personal strength and well-being. Jeroen Kraaijenbrink outlines a nine-step programme that helps students—and staff—deal with the stress they face in today’s society.

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Intentional impact from business schools


Paul Beaulieu explains how, in response to a new wave of social demands, business schools should adopt a more comprehensive and responsible social engagement. This may pave the way for the emergence of a new generation of business schools.

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When the world is not enough


Most business schools want to play in the global arena but are often poorly equipped to do so. International governance can often help, say Jean-Louis Mucchielli and Thomas Froehlicher.

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Through the labyrinth

Through the labyrinth of digital transformation

Just as firms continue to grapple with how to embrace digital transformation, so now business schools puzzle how to teach it. So how can a business school and an MBA programme help firms survive the gales of digital transformation?

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