Embedding values

EFMD-GlobalFocus Mag

Mark Moody-Stuart examines the difficulties of ensuring that the right values are agreed upon, understood and truly embedded in a large multicultural business organisation.

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Social intrapreneurs and The Jazz Age

social intrapreneurs and the jazz age

Social intrapreneurs are rarely individual heroes but more like jazz musicians jamming in a group. But sometimes, say David Grayson, Melody McLaren and Heika Spitzeck, they need even bigger groups – a fully orchestrated ‘big band’.

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How being embedded in your region helps growth

regional embeddedness

Thomas Bieger explains how the University of St.Gallen used the new Business School Impact System to consolidate and build on its local roots. Imagine you are the chief executive of an airport whose customers are rather dispersed.

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The case for inspiration

the case for inspiration

Novartis has provided, through its Novartis Malaria Initiative, more than 600 million Coartem treatments without profit to people who could not otherwise afford them.

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Making the most of the hiring process

making the most of the hiring process

The latest Corporate Recruiters Survey offers a positive MBA hiring landscape and highlights what is most important for employers in the process. Findings suggest both new approaches for students in the job search and what schools can do to increase placement rates.

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Reinvigorating the PhD


PhDs are increasingly under scrutiny for being ‘irrelevant’ and ‘lacking impact’. But given the right tools, Simon Linacre at Emerald Group Publishing believes they still have much to offer.

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