WU’s new campus building the future

WU's new campus building the future

WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) had to tackle many questions when it became clear that it would move to a new campus built from scratch rather than renovate its buildings at the old location.

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Innovation in action

John North and Anders Aspling detail the work of the first GRLI Management Education Innovation Cohort to serve a world in transition.

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Rethinking enterprise

rethinking enterprise

Philippe de Woot, in an article based on his latest book, Rethinking the Enterprise, Competitiveness, Technology and Society, argues that economic actions based on ethical and political dimensions are increasingly essential.

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Quality street: The sweet side of accreditation

The business school race for accreditations shows no sign of losing momentum. On the contrary, the number of schools entering their first accreditation process remains steady, and those embarking on the long-term work of maintaining their accreditations continue to grow.

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Warm memories of the winter school

The EFMD (ESMU) HUMANE Winter School is designed to develop the leadership potential of senior administrators in business schools and universities. Nadine Burquel looks back at its first 12 years.

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Innovation for growth

Stefan Schepers explains how the High-Level Group on Innovation Policy Management is designing a new approach for European innovation.

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