New horizons

Should capitalism be tossed aside completely in favour of some other economic model or is there a way to improve the system and make capitalism work better in a new global context?

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Needed: academic triathletes

multi-faceted and well-rounded faculty

Santiago Iñiguez argues that what business schools need today is multi-faceted and well-rounded faculty. When the Olympic Games were founded in Ancient Greece sometime during the eighth century BC, the king of sports was the Pentathlon.

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Pressures to conform

Peter McKiernan and David Wilson argue that business schools should stop copying each other and start rediscovering their diversity.

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Making managers fit for the future

We have always needed leaders able to understand what the future may hold. It’s just that today we need them more than ever. Patrick Harris and Dr Rebecca Nash outline how we might produce them.

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Castles in the sky or more reality?

medieval castles or universities

The insights gained into how future professors are shaped have only posed another question: does this training add to the knowledge needed in a modern world, or is it intended for medieval castles?

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Milan Mumbai fusion

In July SDA Bocconi, the leading Italian business school, will open a new school in Mumbai, India. Stefano Caselli explains how the partnership to create the school came about and how it is likely to develop in the future.

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