Training Tomorrow’s Big Data Analysts

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    Technologie is becoming ever more deeply interwoven into the fabric of society. Our interactions with the internet and other large systems that support our transport, our shopping activities and much more are generating an avalanche of data, documenting our behaviour at an unprecedented scale.

    According to computer giant IBM, the world is churning out 2,5 quintillion bytes of data every day. (In US, Canadian and modern British usage a quintillion is 10^18).

    Analyses by the McKinsey Global Institute underline the benefits business may reap from these data sets by gaining new insights into how their customers are behaving now and how they may behave in the future. Their projections point to a need for 190,000 more workers with analytics expertise and 1,5 million more data-davy managers by 2018 in the US alone in order to realise these gaines.

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