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Taking the headache out of managing part-time faculty
Professor Francis has a headache; in fact, a number of headaches.

As Deputy Dean of Programmes in a well-credentialed business school, he manages a core of full-time faculty and a large cohort of part-time Adjuncts servicing graduate, undergraduate and executive education programmes. With face-to-face, online and intensive courses, his job is complex and often unpredictable.

Managing the existing cohort of Adjuncts is challenging enough, but with a new semester beginning and full-time faculty teaching allocations complete, some classes are still without the right instructors.

His spreadsheet of current Adjuncts has limited information, his networks are exhausted, and the bundle of unsolicited Adjunct resumés in the filing cabinet could be diamonds or dust – who knows and who has time to read them?

Student feedback indicates some of the course instructors need refreshing – new brains with new ideas – and those executive education programmes on the horizon definitely need tweaking. Professor Francis also convenes a Business Advisory Committee giving strategic programme advice to the Dean and faculty. He is keen on fresh perspectives but is unsure if he has the right mix of members or is getting the best advice – a dull ache to add to the headache.

The professor’s pain was relieved when he discovered AdjunctFinder .com, the international central “commons” for accessing and managing business school Adjunct Faculty. Launched by former academic programme managers, gave Professor Francis simple, on-line management of his current Adjuncts and easy access to new high-quality Adjuncts.

He registered his school on and as a subscriber, manages his existing Adjunct Faculty in a customised, branded database unique to his school. He also accesses the wider international database of available Adjuncts, searching for new talent for changing needs.

Business education is global, and so are Adjuncts. Professor Francis now recruits from across town or across the world. He quickly found offered hundreds of competent, well qualified and experienced Adjuncts – people seeking roles as sessional lecturers, tutors, executive educators, research supervisors, markers, guest speakers, mentors, coaches, advisory board members and study tour leaders – covering face-to-face, online and intensive teaching modes. Their backgrounds include company directors, board members, business managers (full-time, part-time/retired or semi-retired), professionals, current faculty seeking more diverse experiences and postdoctoral researchers.

The partnership with EFMD ensures quality, effective, affordable Adjunct Faculty management – without the headaches.

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