Hope in the time of collapse

Hope in a time of collapse

Half of the world’s population is considered “highly vulnerable”. The emergency that so many in the rich world have felt was somewhere off in the future, is here. Now. It’s just somewhere else.

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SpaceTime is everything

SpaceTime is the physical universe inside which we and everything else exists. What is the significance of this phenomenon to the business world?

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The lived experience model of work

The FutureWork Forum has created a model to represent work as part of a “lived experience” and not as a distinct and separate compartment of life. The FWF model articulates work and life as intertwined helixes, similar to the DNA molecule.

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Educating for personal strength and well-being


Business schools face increasing calls to expand their focus to educating for personal strength and well-being. Jeroen Kraaijenbrink outlines a nine-step programme that helps students—and staff—deal with the stress they face in today’s society.   Ever since their creation around a century ago, business schools have had a strong focus on helping students develop their…

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