Teaching sustainability management

teaching sustainability management

Sustainability and sustainability management are inherently complex topics, and even if we generally know what we need to do as humankind, we are still very far away from actually doing it.

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An urgent call for innovation in business education

innovation in business education

Whether students are making art for a famous museum or learning how to be a clown: there is no end to the possibilities for innovation in business education! But how can business professors become motors of this innovation, ask Kivanc Cubukcu and Svenia Busson

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¿Qué hay de “nuevo” en la disrupción?

Mientras la crisis de Corona afecta a las instituciones de educación superior, hay un buen número de rumores y discusiones sobre cómo esto cambiará “dramática e inevitablemente” la forma en que las universidades trabajan y enseñan. Sin embargo… esto puede que no sea cierto para todos, observa Bernhard Bachmann

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What is ‘new’ about disruption?


With the Corona crisis hitting higher education institutions, there is a good deal of buzz and discussion about how this will “dramatically and inevitably” change the way universities work and teach. However… this may not be true for everyone, observes Bernhard Bachmann

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An effectual approach to course design

While backward design has been widely accepted as the ‘right’ way when designing new courses, John Mullins and Arun Pereira argue that an alternative approach, which they call effectual design, may potentially be a superior approach to course design.

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Hybrid classes transform learning

hybrid learning

When you gather top professors from three international business schools to discuss the challenges and successes of teaching in a Covid world, you are faced with the stark realisation that things may never be the same again. A conversation with professors at Hult, IE and IMD.

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Aplicar liberalmente

Hacia un modelo liberal de educación gerencial Howard Thomas defiende la integración de las artes liberales en la educación gerencial, de modo que el énfasis de los planes de estudio existentes en la perspicacia tecnológica y analítica se equilibre con las aptitudes de pensamiento crítico e inteligencia ética necesarias para el juicio administrativo

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Un futuro flexible

Peter Lorange dice que la introducción de una mayor flexibilidad y agilidad en la educación ejecutiva y permitir a los expertos, instructores, colaboradores, profesores y estudiantes aprender de forma simultánea, unos de otros, son los ingredientes esenciales en la construcción de un futuro seguro para la educación en gestión

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The case for teaching integrated strategy

Strategy education is under siege. It is heavily criticised both from outside and from within. As a way forward, Jeroen Kraaijenbrink makes the case for teaching integrative strategy methods and illustrates what such methods could look like.

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Curriculum 4.0 for Industry 4.0

Educational institutions globally are facing major challenges, a function of tectonic shifts in the techno-socio-economic landscape and the digital revolution occurring in Industry 4.0, ushering in the shift from an industrial to a knowledge economy.

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Flexible future


Peter Lorange says that introducing greater flexibility and agility into executive education and allowing experts, instructors, contributors, professors and students to simultaneously and easily learn from each other are essential ingredients in building a secure future for management education.

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Through the labyrinth

Through the labyrinth of digital transformation

Just as firms continue to grapple with how to embrace digital transformation, so now business schools puzzle how to teach it. So how can a business school and an MBA programme help firms survive the gales of digital transformation?

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Will learning get you there?

Will learning get you there

While learning as a subject is well developed, “learning transfer”, defined as the degree to which learners effectively apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes gained in a learning event to the workplace, continues to be neglected.

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