Management research with purpose


Concepts of the Purposeful Business School:  Like corporations, business schools have struggled with their sense of purpose. Critics accuse business schools of lacking engagement with practice (Rynes et al., 2001), promoting bad management theory (Ghoshal, 2005), and failing to cultivate an ethos of professionalism in management (Khurana, 2007). Little wonder that leading gurus openly proclaim that management scholarship is troubled (Mintzberg, 2004) and that business schools have lost their way (Bennis and O’Toole, 2005).

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Managing to make impactful business and management researchers in the Anthropocene

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Research Ecosystems, Partnerships and Collective Know-How: We are in the Anthropocene – an age of climate emergency, where “climate action failure and extreme weather … [are] the top two global risks” (Hurlbert, 2021). We have failed in our social contract to provide security from disaster and offer the potential transformative change needed to protect our people and planet. The education and research that business and management schools offer require an urgent response to this climate emergency.

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Perspectives on the impact, mission and purpose of the business school

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The business school has been an important success story in the evolution of the modern university. Yet it is increasingly valued in that context “much more for its managerial expertise, cash generation ability and financial strength than its intellectual vigour and scholarship. Indeed … its legitimacy as a serious academic discipline is critically questioned by scholars in science, arts and the humanities”

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SpaceTime is everything

SpaceTime is the physical universe inside which we and everything else exists. What is the significance of this phenomenon to the business world?

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The DAO of work

What exactly is a DAO? A network, a company, a management philosophy? Blockchain hype attached to the same old practices as your local co-op?

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Why management history matters…

The economic crisis has prompted many to call for a greater emphasis on studying the history of business and management. Morgen Witzel looks at the lessons that could be learned and why they are so important.

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Aplicar liberalmente

Hacia un modelo liberal de educación gerencial Howard Thomas defiende la integración de las artes liberales en la educación gerencial, de modo que el énfasis de los planes de estudio existentes en la perspicacia tecnológica y analítica se equilibre con las aptitudes de pensamiento crítico e inteligencia ética necesarias para el juicio administrativo

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La filosofía de Haier: primero, los valores personales

Zhang Ruimin es un empresario chino de renombre mundial, fundador del Grupo Haier, Preseidente del Consejo de Administración y CEO del Grupo Haier. En reconocimiento a sus logros en innovación en la gestión ha recibiendo numerosos premios internacionales. En esta entrevista describe su enfoque único de la gestión, integrando la cultura tradicional de China con…

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