From research for publication to research for impact

from research for publication to research for impact

It is our duty to encourage research that has meaning for people outside closed academic circles, to create value for our society, offer meaningful and healthy career paths to academics and show the right signal of academic excellence to students and public.

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Perspectives on the impact, mission and purpose of the business school

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The business school has been an important success story in the evolution of the modern university. Yet it is increasingly valued in that context “much more for its managerial expertise, cash generation ability and financial strength than its intellectual vigour and scholarship. Indeed … its legitimacy as a serious academic discipline is critically questioned by scholars in science, arts and the humanities”

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Inclusivity matters!

inclusivity matters

Inclusivity is having an impact on how successful higher education is at preparing students for the society and work environment of today and tomorrow.

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The engaged scholar

Andrew Hoffman seeks to inspire academic scholars to bring their work to the publics that need it, and to inspire administrators to make public engagement more acceptable and legitimate within their institutions; to enlarge the tent to be inclusive of multiple ways that one enacts the role of academic scholar in service to today’s world

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Revisiting a business school’s impact agenda in an ecosystems environment

The impact of business schools is a much-debated topic both within the academy and more broadly. As academic institutions, business schools have a vital role to play in advancing the academic discipline of management education and its various subsidiaries and representing these areas in inter-disciplinary research tackling significant global challenges.

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Can they fix it?

Jordi Canals looks at the main drivers of business schools’ success in the 20th century along with some of the major problems and challenges they will have to deal with in the future if they want to remain relevant. Business schools are young institutions.

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BSIS: A journey of self-discovery


When BSIS (Business School Impact System) was created in 2012, the main aim was to develop a system that would allow business schools to convince their stakeholders of their impact and the extent of their usefulness to their impact zone.

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Intentional impact from business schools


Paul Beaulieu explains how, in response to a new wave of social demands, business schools should adopt a more comprehensive and responsible social engagement. This may pave the way for the emergence of a new generation of business schools.

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Creating impact with purpose

Patricia Bradshaw and Erin Elaine Casey describe how the BSIS process has helped herald the impact of the Sobey School in Canada, the first business school in North America to utilise the system.

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Why care about impact?

The impact, or otherwise, of academic research in management and business is a current hot topic, but Peter McKiernan and William Glick suggest a cooler, more measured approach.

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