The Importance of Creating Leadership Momentum

How to lead and create a way forward in a fast-moving and ambiguous world. Developing leaders It’s clear that we now live in a world full of confusion, ambiguity and disruption. The pace of change has outstripped our ability to keep up with it. Things don’t seem to work the same way anymore. It’s like…

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What role will HR adopt in the new world of work and business?

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the world. Governments and businesses have been challenged as never before. Leaders are struggling to not only manage the immediate, but also the long-term impact for their businesses. The crisis has dramatically exposed many businesses for their lack of any kind of organisational resilience. As customer demand evaporated,…

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The Making of the Modern Elder Marketplace

The world is getting greyer. 10,000 people in the US turn 65 years old every day. By 2025, the population aged 65 or above in China may hit 300 million. The number of Americans aged 50 and above who are working has grown significantly over the past decade, and is expected to keep increasing. In…

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Impartir la experiencia para conseguir valor

Al entender y atender a la experiencia de los empleados de una manera mucho más sofisticada que en años pasados, RRHH puede expandir su papel entre los líderes como un miembro igual del equipo ejecutivo dice Evan Metter

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Delivering experience to achieve value


By understanding and attending to employee experience in a far more sophisticated manner than in years past, HR can expand its role among the leadership as an equal member of the executive team says Evan Metter.   As the forces of change within the workplace continue to accelerate at unprecedented speed, disruption has become the…

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Diversity, rhetoric and reality How HR can be a game changer


Viki Holton and Linda Holbeche explain how professional expertise can help make diversity initiatives successful.   Is diversity valued as it should be by business? How committed are companies in creating an inclusive workspace that truly welcomes and values every different diversity group? These are key questions in today’s business world. Diversity and inclusion have…

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Building agile organisational capability at Cigna


Robin Lewis and Bieke van Dessel, share insights into the role of human resources in building Cigna’s organisational capability.   Contemporary organisations are fluid and complex structures. Cigna, a global healthcare provider, aims to ensure the organisation is structured and enabled to handle lively and rapid change and be able to proactively support the needs…

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Making HR future proof


Amber Wigmore Alvarez asks if we are educating tomorrow’s talent effectively.    Across the globe, we are witnessing the unravelling of traditional HR selection processes. Until now, much of the design of academic institutions’ Career Services has been around Career Education and Career Advising only then to be followed by Recruiter Relations. The time has…

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