The engaged scholar

Andrew Hoffman seeks to inspire academic scholars to bring their work to the publics that need it, and to inspire administrators to make public engagement more acceptable and legitimate within their institutions; to enlarge the tent to be inclusive of multiple ways that one enacts the role of academic scholar in service to today’s world

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An urgent call for innovation in business education

innovation in business education

Whether students are making art for a famous museum or learning how to be a clown: there is no end to the possibilities for innovation in business education! But how can business professors become motors of this innovation, ask Kivanc Cubukcu and Svenia Busson

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An effectual approach to course design

While backward design has been widely accepted as the ‘right’ way when designing new courses, John Mullins and Arun Pereira argue that an alternative approach, which they call effectual design, may potentially be a superior approach to course design.

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Hybrid classes transform learning

hybrid learning

When you gather top professors from three international business schools to discuss the challenges and successes of teaching in a Covid world, you are faced with the stark realisation that things may never be the same again. A conversation with professors at Hult, IE and IMD.

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Un futuro flexible

Peter Lorange dice que la introducción de una mayor flexibilidad y agilidad en la educación ejecutiva y permitir a los expertos, instructores, colaboradores, profesores y estudiantes aprender de forma simultánea, unos de otros, son los ingredientes esenciales en la construcción de un futuro seguro para la educación en gestión

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Flexible future


Peter Lorange says that introducing greater flexibility and agility into executive education and allowing experts, instructors, contributors, professors and students to simultaneously and easily learn from each other are essential ingredients in building a secure future for management education.

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The trigger for institutional change

Zita Zoltay Paprika, Dean of the Corvinus Business School & Metka Tekavčič, Dean of the Faculty of Economics (FELU), University of Ljubljana discuss the professional development of business school faculty. 

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Achieving change in HE professional support

Professor Edward Byrne argues that professional services resources must be aligned and focused on meeting future strategic needs and describes how he has approached this issue at three world-class higher education institutes.

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Stepping into the role of the dean

The EFMD Strategic Leadership Programme for Deans (SLP) brings together deans new to the role with experienced and successful counterparts in an intensive three-day workshop in Brussels.

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Assessing academics’ performance

assessing academics

Is it time for a change in faculty recruitment and promotion practices? Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger describes how, and why, business schools need to take into account multiple aspects of performance.

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Inciting exciting insights

Julie Davies looks back on five years of the International Deans’ Programme, a joint initiative between the Association of Business Schools and EFMD.

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Needed: academic triathletes

multi-faceted and well-rounded faculty

Santiago Iñiguez argues that what business schools need today is multi-faceted and well-rounded faculty. When the Olympic Games were founded in Ancient Greece sometime during the eighth century BC, the king of sports was the Pentathlon.

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Searching for the Holy Grail

Management development, when it is good, looks effortless. It delivers energised and enthusiastic participants, motivated and committed faculty, and a good return on investment for sponsoring organisations.

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Making the case for cases

Is there an irreconcilable separation between faculty who do research and those who concentrate on teaching? Mark Jenkins argues that world-class academics and thought leaders do both, making the case for cases.

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International Teachers Programme 2016

The International Teachers Programme© is an intensive faculty-development programme dedicated to helping business educators develop suitable skills and capabilities to be successful in their careers.

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