Silver linings

Internationalisation, accreditation and the pandemic – Michael Osbaldeston and Adriana Kudrnová Lovera look at the potential benefits that may emerge from the current challenges The internationalisation of higher education has been on the agendas of national governments and university leaders around the world for decades, but the topic has achieved greater prominence in recent years…

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Maintaining the gold standard

Ulrich Hommel and Michael Osbaldeston celebrate two decades of EQUIS and look forward to another 20 years of opportunities The foundation of the system  Business schools have existed for over a century, originally as places of vocational training which were gradually recast as serious academic institutions. They are one of the major success stories in higher education of the last…

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Towards a Coherent Portfolio of Quality

Chris Greensted explains how the three EFMD quality improvement systems (EQUIS, EPAS and EDAF) are now designed as a portfolio. The overall mission of EFMD is to act as a catalyst to promote and enhance, excellence in management development in Europe and worldwide. Given that there are reputedly more than 13,000 business schools in the…

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The Challenges Facing Business School Accreditation

Global Focus Magazine

Business schools have been among the most successful higher education institutions of the last 50 years. Yet now they face many serious challenges that, as Michael Osbaldeston explains, have deep implications for accreditation bodies. Business schools have existed for over a century, originally as institutions of practical education, which, following the Ford and Carnegie Foundation…

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Going from EPAS to EQUIS and AACSB … and from AACSB to EPAS

EFMD Global Focus Magazine

Anne-Joëlle Philippart explains how the mix of EFMD and AACSB accreditation models helped achieve a rapid improvement of the quality assurance system at HEC-Liège. HEC-Liège, the management school of the University of Liege, Belgium, is the result of the 2005 merger of two Liege business schools.The city of Liege has undergone profound industrial change focused…

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Quality Street – The Sweet Side of Accreditation

Gaining accreditation (and maintaining it) is a tough business. But Julie Perrin Halot and Rachael Weiss argue that it provides its own long-term rewards. The business school race for accreditations shows no sign of losing momentum. On the contrary, the number of schools entering their first accreditation process remains steady and those embarking on the…

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