Company-led learning ecosystems

Companies all around the world are facing a new challenge as the rise of business ecosystems breaks down industry borders and leads to hyper-competition for customers and corporate executives as well as corporate talent.

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Revisiting a business school’s impact agenda in an ecosystems environment

The impact of business schools is a much-debated topic both within the academy and more broadly. As academic institutions, business schools have a vital role to play in advancing the academic discipline of management education and its various subsidiaries and representing these areas in inter-disciplinary research tackling significant global challenges.

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Ecosystem Edge: What can business schools learn from businesses?

Over the last decade, there has been a renewed and growing interest in deploying loosely coupled networks of companies and individuals as an alternative to integrated supply chains or tight alliances. This form of organisation seems particularly well-adapted to situations where companies are confronted with a high degree of uncertainty and the need to innovate.

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The business school’s journey from unbundling to networks to ecosystems

unbundling to networks to ecosystems

The traditional “business model” of business schools is being challenged in fundamental ways. This relates to what education is offered and how, what role knowledge generation will play in the future, to what extent business and societal impact will become the other side of the “research coin”, and, finally, what type of faculty and staff will be needed to successfully way-find into the future of the business school.

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The power of ecosystems


Richard Straub tracks the growing interest in ecosystems and their profound implications for management education and research and development. 

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Emerging economies need an effective entrepreneurial ecosystem that is government-enabled, youth-led, private sector-supported and future-oriented, says Sherif Kamel.

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