Positive learning on carbon neutrality


Growing a world-class, competitive business school and being a leader in sustainability may seem like two juxtaposed goals, but the University of Victoria’s Peter B Gustavson School of Business, in Victoria, BC, has found a way to do both.

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Responsible research

Imagine a world in which business schools, management scholars and social scientists worldwide have transformed their research toward producing useful and credible knowledge that addresses problems important to business and society.

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Ten reasons for social leadership

10 reasons for social leadership

Alongside hierarchy and system, we need community and trust, and those will be earned through developing strong Social Leadership as a counterpoint and complement to formal aspects of power.

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Moving on from Rio


Last year’s Rio+20 UN summit may have been something of a disappointment, but there were still some significant and positive outcomes, say Anthony Buono, Jean-Christophe Carteron and Matthew Gitsham.

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Cadres for the common good

The 50+20 vision has ignited a flame that illuminates a path towards the future of management education. John North and Hamid Bouchikhi describe the latest steps on the journey.

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50+20 offers a clear vision

Can business schools present a new vision of management education for the world? Katrin Mufff believes that through the 50+20 initiative, they can.

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Looking on the bright side

bright side

Raymond Saner and Lichia Yiu argue that despite worrying times, initiatives such as sustainable development goals, responsible business conduct and business diplomacy management can provide a winning formula for shared prosperity.

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Kenneth W Freeman and Howard Thomas outline some of the crowdsourced ideas about the future of business schools and other institutions that emerged from the first Business Education Jam.

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Redefining the organisation

robber baron or robin hood

‘Robber Baron’ or ‘Robin Hood’? Dan Pontefract argues that some, if not many, organisations have forgotten what they once stood for. It is time, he says, to review, refocus, recreate and thus redefine their true purpose.

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Embedding values

EFMD-GlobalFocus Mag

Mark Moody-Stuart examines the difficulties of ensuring that the right values are agreed upon, understood and truly embedded in a large multicultural business organisation.

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Innovation in action

John North and Anders Aspling detail the work of the first GRLI Management Education Innovation Cohort to serve a world in transition.

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