Inspiring Corporate Learning

Martin Moehrle and Steven Smith introduce the new EFMD CLIP framework. Learning is a key factor of success for organisations in today’s dynamic business and societal environments. But how to ensure that your learning function is fully aligned with your organisation’s strategy and business priorities?

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How TRATON uses training to accelerate its global champion strategy


The TRATON GROUP brings together four of the world’s leading truck brands – MAN, Scania, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus and, most recently, Navistar. These four brands are now united in the mission to become the global champion of the transportation services industry and to transform transportation together.

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Making leaders

Capgemini team

In 2017, a global transformation plan at Capgemini (branded “LEAD” appropriately enough) combined with a need to manage talents differently, to pave the way for an ambitious leadership development programme.

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Future-proofing the Audi UK dealership network


Electric mobility, driverless cars, automated factories, and ridesharing—these are just a few of the major disruptions that the automotive industry is facing. Maintaining a market position in the premium car market presents an ongoing challenge.

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Company-led learning ecosystems

Companies all around the world are facing a new challenge as the rise of business ecosystems breaks down industry borders and leads to hyper-competition for customers and corporate executives as well as corporate talent.

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Corporate learning as an accelerator of digital transformation

The COVID-19 experience will accelerate digital transformation even further says Martin Moehrle Digital transformation challenges traditional ways of organising work, of defining careers and work identity, of understanding competition within clearly defined boundaries, and of experiencing products and services. It requires organisations to somehow reinvent themselves and, thereby, to recognise that transformation is more about…

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Improved customer focused agility to better navigate disruptive forces


– SILVER WINNER OF THE 2019 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – “In a digital world, analog is more important than ever.” This was the comment from an Oracle executive after participating in the company’s first global, cross-function leadership development programme, Accelerate Executive Insight or AEI. As business catapults ahead with increased complexity, the opportunity to meet…

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Accelerated Excellence


– SILVER WINNER OF THE 2019 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – How do you – as a car manufacturer – influence your dealer network, ramp up customer satisfaction, improve sales and profits, and at the same time involve the dealers in paying the investments”? Questions Porsche AG was asking itself back in 2012. It was the…

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Innovation in Leadership – Introduction


You need to think again about how you develop your leaders. Here are the reasons why.   The EFMD Special Interest Group (SIG) “Innovation in Leadership” was set up in 2018 and has pulled together 12 large European companies and paired them with Hult Business School to examine what is happening to leadership development in…

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The Siemens Global Learning Campus


  Siemens AG is a German multinational conglomerate headquartered in Berlin and Munich with over 379,000 employees worldwide and a turnover of more than €83 billion. It is the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe. Siemens is setting a course for longterm value creation through accelerated growth and stronger profitability with a simplified and leaner…

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Harnessing disruption – a glimpse into the future


An innovative programme in Canada is showing how co-operation between academia and business can profit both. By Ralph Eastman.   There are few business sectors that are not being affected by disruptive technologies in one way or another. From web-based video changing how we access news and entertainment to 3D printing changing the way we…

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The new realities of corporate learning

Martin Moehrle, Associate Director of Corporate Services, EFMD.   Corporate training departments were established in the early 20th century, at first to enable the workforce to masterwork processes to deliver quality products; then, later, as corporate learning functions, to pursue one or more of the following objectives: • Supporting individuals in improving their performance and…

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From A to Z

Reference dictionary Corporate learning for the digital world The global technological revolution is transforming business models and the way we think about management. Is the learning and development community ready to face the changes? By Valery Katkalo, Martin Moehrle, Dmitry Volkov. We live in an era in which digital technologies are integrated into virtually all…

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Digital learning: How to train for long-term impact

David Pontoppidan and David Everhart say that a solid understanding of the basics of learning is now in place and technological aids are increasingly available. Now is the time to put them together into blended learning journeys that deliver high and lasting impact.

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Insights from an EFMD corporate member survey

Learning and development specialists suggest that the learning function is purposefully evolving from a learning provider to a learning enabler, Martin Moehrle reports. How work is organised today was largely shaped during the industrial age of the 20th century. This includes labour law and management practice but also our understanding of learning and development (L&D).…

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Steps on the way to omni-learning

– By Peppe Auricchio – Corporate learning’s transformation is being announced across all channels, and with increasing vociferousness. Practitioners and experts alike warn that the way employees learn today is nothing like the learning of old – and hence, that disruption is upon us. This disruption, they say, concerns both the learning experience and the learning…

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What if you had satellite navigation – for everything?

– By Nick Shackleton-Jones – There’s a popular saying What got you here, won’t get you there. Today this is nowhere as true as it is in training. The world of courses, competencies and certification is rapidly evaporating – replaced by a new ecosystem of resources, guidance and ratings. As automation advances it consumes the…

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