Building a new strategy, top-down and middle-out

the Lego Group

John Weeks, IMD Professor of Leadership and Organisational Behaviour, Susan Goldsworthy, IMD Professor of Leadership, Communications and Organisational Change, and Howard Yu, LEGO Professor of Management and Innovation, reflect on how the LEGO® Group was able to devise a new strategy that helped the iconic childrens’ play materials manufacturer to sustainable sales growth.

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The power of experiential learning to lead with ‘both hands’

In 2017, Orion wanted to further revitalize growth and boost the innovation activities to set the basis for sustained success. It chose to partner with the Executive School of the University of St.Gallen to build a program that would enhance the organization’s capability to grow and innovate at a higher pace.

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Inspiring corporate learning

Martin Moehrle and Steven Smith introduce the new EFMD CLIP framework. How do you ensure that your learning function is fully aligned with your organisation’s strategy and business priorities?

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How TRATON uses training to accelerate its global champion strategy


The TRATON GROUP brings together four of the world’s leading truck brands – MAN, Scania, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus and, most recently, Navistar. These four brands are now united in the mission to become the global champion of the transportation services industry and to transform transportation together.

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Making leaders

Capgemini team

In 2017, a global transformation plan at Capgemini (branded “LEAD” appropriately enough) combined with a need to manage talents differently, to pave the way for an ambitious leadership development programme.

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Future-proofing the Audi UK dealership network


Electric mobility, driverless cars, automated factories, and ridesharing—these are just a few of the major disruptions that the automotive industry is facing. Maintaining a market position in the premium car market presents an ongoing challenge.

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El mundo laboral de 2030 – Un lugar mejor

COVID-19 acelerará el ritmo del cambio en el lugar de trabajo. Provocará la adopción forzosa del trabajo a distancia y el trabajo ágil y en consecuencia, reconfigurará la forma en que las empresas se comunican y utilizan el espacio de oficina.

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Purposeful leadership in a digital world

Schneider Electric purposeful leadership in a digital world

In 2015 Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy management and automation with 150,000 employees across 100 countries, faced the challenge of adapting the leadership and culture of the entire company.

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