Intentional impact from business schools


Paul Beaulieu explains how, in response to a new wave of social demands, business schools should adopt a more comprehensive and responsible social engagement. This may pave the way for the emergence of a new generation of business schools.

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Living with sustainability


Percy Marquina outlines how a leading business school in Peru embraced sustainability.   Peru is the fifth-top ranked country in entrepreneurial activity in the world according to the Global Entrepreneurship Report 2019. This level of entrepreneurship is nourished by the strong cultural roots and characteristics of its inhabitants, who are in a constant search for…

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What should business schools be for?


September 2019 Howard Thomas and Kenneth Starkey report on a new initiative that looks to business schools to re-orient themselves to a challenging new future. Much has been written about the future of the university, diagnosing management and business education either as a symptom of the decline of higher-education values or as a tonic for…

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A new B in B Schools


André Sobczak urges businesses schools to embrace sustainability.   In January 2019, Audencia Business School in Nantes, France, hosted a new year’s event of the association of responsible business leaders in Western France. More than 200 CEOS from local SMEs focused on the forthcoming French legal status for “companies with a mission” that is largely…

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Creating the resilient business school

Ulrich Hommel and Ben Woods argue that business schools should look beyond conventional risk management systems to the strategic build-up of organisational resilience Business schools (and their parent universities) have made significant strides in recent years towards establishing sound risk management systems. They are more proficient in defining their appetite and tolerance for risk and…

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Paradoxes of business schools

Marianne Lewis argues that deans need to adopt a ‘paradox’ approach towards the tensions involved in leading a business school Tensions pervade schools as they do industry, wider society and our personal lives. Consider a common priority list of a business school dean: Build an academic institution that creates knowledge, inspires learning and impacts practice…

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Building Better Business Schools

The contemporary purpose of a business school is to develop and enhance the individual’s and the collective’s abilities to innovate. That means not merely creating, inventing, and imagining but also commercialising products and services and contributing to new theoretical knowledge. More speci cally, to achieve positive impact the role of business schools is to create…

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Making the Good Even Better

Johan Roos explains how Jönköping International Business School in Sweden is being reformed and reinvigorated. You are probably not very familiar with Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) or its Swedish name Internationella Handelshögskolan but our goal is that within five years you will be. Having become its Dean two years ago, I have been working…

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Walking the Talk: Managing a Management School

It is one of the oldest and most common complaints – management schools are great at giving good advice to others but themselves rarely practise the management skills they preach. But it can be done. Loick Roche and Sabine Lauria explain how. Back in 2007 Robert Sutton, professor of management science at the Stanford Engineering…

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