Digital age learning

digital age learning

Global Focus has selected seven articles to illuminate the process of digital age learning, from a corporate case study to broad explorations of the digital world and the potential for learning to be transformed.

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Why digital age learning is important

why digital age learning is important

Digital age learning is not a fad or a fashion but a critical shift in the demands made on employees as they grapple with fundamental changes in where and how they work and even what constitutes work.

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What is digital age learning?

what is digital age learning

We live in the information age (aka the digital age), which is a period in human history characterised by a shift from industrial production to information and computerisation, significantly changing how people interact with businesses and each other.

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Ten reasons for social leadership

10 reasons for social leadership

Alongside hierarchy and system, we need community and trust, and those will be earned through developing strong Social Leadership as a counterpoint and complement to formal aspects of power.

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Steps on the way to omni-learning

steps on the way to omni-learning

Corporate learning’s transformation is being announced across all channels, and with increasing vociferousness. Practitioners and experts alike warn that the way employees learn today is nothing like the learning of old – and hence, that disruption is upon us.

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