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Siemens global learning campus: The Siemens Learning World

the siemens learning world

Siemens offers its employees and managers throughout the world many diverse opportunities to develop their skills. Topics include Siemens products, specialist knowledge and methodology and business-specific and process-specific expertise.

Employees across the world can access learning programmes via intranet portals, reach agreements with their managers on learning measures to be taken and pursue them during their work time at the company’s expense.

In addition to traditional classroom courses and workshops, Siemens is increasingly digitalising the learning environment, including virtual training courses and an internal video platform where employees themselves can contribute their knowledge (“user- and expert-generated content”) and access knowledge available within the company in order to apply it to their specific situation and current challenges.

The Siemens Social Media platform supports the global exchange of knowledge and learning from one another in open and closed communities.

The pool of knowledge and experience is immense and is growing very quickly, especially in this era of digitalisation. This means that the Siemens learning organisation must design its learning portfolio more dynamically and make it available faster.

The goal is to give employees optimal orientation and targeted navigation to help them find the right learning content. This is where the concept of the new “Siemens Learning World” comes in.

This web platform is a central access point for selected or curated learning modules from Siemens and from outside the company. It helps users navigate the great diversity of offerings in order to find up-to-date learning contents that are relevant for them more quickly and on a personalised basis.

In the “Digitalization Learning World”, for example, employees will find a curated selection of up-to-date learning content on the subject of digitalisation from internal and external providers. The platform offers access to specific course offerings, knowledge modules, training videos, e-learning measures, learning communities and so on.

Learning curators research and compile the learning contents or bundle them into context-appropriate learning recommendations. In addition to the preselection by the curators, the Learning World also employs search and filter algorithms to generate specific compilations from the data pool and make them accessible from the user interface. This allows for the flexible and dynamic provision of different topic areas; specialised learning recommendations can be retrieved for specific job profiles, and the individual queries of users can be answered.

Users can also design their own individualised “My Learning World,” in which (for example) filter settings are defined, and up-to-date results are displayed dynamically in a personal user area. It also features “learning tags” with which the user can be continuously supplied with relevant learning content. The learning modules can be rated, shared with and recommended to others.

With these functions, the Learning World is a dynamic, effective navigational aid to help our employees find the right learning programmes and platforms both inside and outside the company.


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