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Learning through gamification and microlearning

Interbank - ICIC partnership
Interbank was founded in 1987 with the vision to create a new process of banking in Peru. Today, it is within the top four ‘Great Places to Work’ in the country and leads the field in reputation ranking, according to MERCO. As one of the largest banks in Peru, Interbank implements good practices related to governance, transparency, and ethics. These procedures have a final objective, which is to enhance the customer experience through optimal service.

In previous years, Interbank faced difficulties getting its more than 6,500 employees to comply with regulatory courses. These courses are mandatory and must be completed by all employees. They develop an employee’s ability to act responsibly and help mitigate problems that could lead to a detrimental atmosphere in the workplace. In addition, the Peruvian regulatory system puts special emphasis on the completion of these courses as part of their auditing and compliance validation process.

Partnering to create a unique learning journey

Interbank teamed up with UCIC, a corporate university that was created to embrace Intercorp’s core values focused on continuous education. As a service-learning house, UCIC promotes, develops and strengthens learning and network skills for Intercorp employees. Together, they examined the importance and impact of the regulatory courses.

Overall, the desired impact of the Learning Development initiative was the following:

  1. For 90% of people to complete the programme within two weeks, in previous years, this percentage had taken two months.
  2. Achieve a better Net Promoter Score (NPS). It was expected to raise the NPS from 20% to 70%, which was incredibly challenging.
  3. Include advanced digital learning tools, such as gamification, allowing students a better learning experience.

To meet these objectives and promises, a series of challenges had to be met, such as:

  • Develop a new gamified classroom format.
  • Improve expertise in their instructional design to be able to make powerful scripts for microlearning.
  • Work collaboratively and symmetrically since all courses should have the same standard of quality.

With this objective in mind, UCIC centralised space in their portal (learning platform), creating their own classroom called the ‘Regulatory Bus’. This name was chosen because it played with the concept and communicated to the employees that they had to ‘get on the bus’ of the regulatory courses to complete them progressively. In August, the Interbank Learning-Human Talent Team scheduled spaces for the more than 6,500 Interbank employees to take their regulatory courses.

This program was based on two main learning axes: Gamification and Microlearning.


It was proposed to redesign the virtual classroom using a new playful course format that told a story, including challenges to be overcome. In addition, a social recognition tool was used according to the rules defined with the team relating to the objectives and contents of the courses.

The gamified proposal had a route format that helped participants advance along the path of courses, each time they entered and completed one, a sign appeared. The advantages of making the proposal gamified were the following:

  • Awarded points to participants for their actions.
  • To show a leaderboard according to the results of the participants.
  • To earn rewards according to grades
  • All participants could visualise who was first in the ranking.


It was proposed to move the contents of the topics to the microlearning format since it was a way to reduce the time in which participants had to spend on the platform. This system provided immediate learning and a complete adaptation of almost any training process, allowing participants to measure their effectiveness instantaneously.

Finally, UCIC and Interbank had several indicators for these programs, some of
which were:

  • Percentage of participants that completed the program.
  • Top 10 ranking of employees that had a good score in the program.
  • Percentage of time spent on the E-Learning platform.
  • NPS obtained from surveys.

The impact of the collaborative journey

The following indicators displayed the successes of the program:

The ‘Regulatory Bus’ course has given the company leaders confidence to replicate this model in the coming years.

The implementation of this type of strategy reflects the company’s commitment to its employees. This dedication is reflected in the following testimony from one of the participants: “It is always gratifying to confirm that we are an important part of a culture that supports values and good practices. From our various positions and responsibilities that we perform within the institution, we can develop as professionals. Thank you, Interbank and UCIC, for making these courses most dynamic, friendly, and timely.”


“When we were doing this project, the first thing Interbank’s Human Talent Team asked itself was: How could we transform this ordinary process into something extraordinary?” says Maria Chloé Garrido Lecca, Head of Learning, Interbank.

The greatest lesson we learned was to allow Interbank and UCIC to question the processes and programs we manage. There are always processes that stay the same for a while, but that does not mean that we should not change them to something better. We must understand that the products we offer to our collaborators have to be something that attracts attention and engagement. Delightful learning is better learning.

Looking into the future

This year, the Regulatory Bus has undergone an evolution in terms of the user experience – it is much more immersive. We have created a far more alluring experience through the storyline – H5P. This project has allowed other companies within the Intercorp group to join this successful approach.

For the upcoming year, we intend to venture into augmented reality, utilising employees’ mobile phones, and we hope that the experience will be even more enveloping.

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Interbank learning through gamification
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