The EFMD business magazine

The EFMD business magazine

John North and Anders Aspling detail the work of the first GRLI Management Education Innovation Cohort.

In May 2013, a group of deans and directors of business schools and corporate learning and development specialists met at EFMD’s Brussels headquarters, drawn by the question: how do we drive change towards management education that serves a world in transition?

They envisioned a shared journey and programme for business schools, other educators and corporate university leaders to build on insights developed through the 50+20 vision “Management Education for the World” and issued an invitation to a global network of committed peers to pilot and test responsible change in education and business.

Less than a year since the meeting in Brussels the first “Management Education Innovation Cohort”, a group of 18 individuals representing 16 institutions is actively driving three hands-on projects aimed at transforming management education in the service of society.

These recent developments reflect the need of business schools to contribute to the resolution of societal challenges and to act at all times as “good citizens”. This implies heavy demands on a school’s strategic and institutional development.

However, questions arise over how to interpret the new standards, what constitutes quality in ERS, and how can we define and measure successful; developments?

The Innovation Cohort has set up the Values in Action (ViA) Project Group to evaluate and assess, using EFMD’s EQUIS accreditation scheme as reference point, the role and potential of accreditation in developing ethical and globally responsible citizens and its contribution to sustainability.

The project group is working to produce guidance for applying the standards in practice and establishing benchmarks to measure performance. The Cohort members will pilot these recommendations as part of their own strategic development process to meet and exceed the new standards.

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Innovation in action

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