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Empowering programme directors

EFMD Global Network will launch its Teaching & Learning Executive Academy in Spring 2017. Programme directors are invited to participate in an intense educational experience to further develop their leadership qualities and effectiveness.

EFMD Global Network’s Executive Academy puts participants on a development journey from “Leading without Authority” to “Leading with Impact”. Teaching & learning executives manage degree programmes in alignment with institutional strategies and, in that role, are often faced with challenging performance expectations. They need to be champions of implementation and master the power of influence while typically being provided with limited direct authority.
The Executive Academy has been designed to make participants more effective in their roles, above all by enabling them to assume broader and more strategic responsibility for degree programmes (or portfolios).

Target audience

Participants need to be experienced in their current role. They are decision-makers in their institutions and enjoy the autonomy and capacity of influencing others. This will typically encompass programme design and review, participant management, faculty assignment and management, and programme-related budgeting. They can influence the complete life-cycle of programme delivery consisting of marketing and admissions, programme operations (including managing student expectations, faculty and other stakeholders), placement and alumni management.

Programme highlights

Three geographical streams, one global programme
The Executive Academy will begin in March 2017 with its Europe Stream, which will be followed in June by the Americas Stream. The programme will conclude with the Asia Stream in October. Participant will register for one of the streams.

The programme will admit a maximum of 20 participants to each stream. A rigorous and challenging admission process will ensure that peer-to-peer interaction in the Executive Academy will be meaningful and ability-enhancing for everyone.

Hybrid delivery format
The core of the Executive Academy is a face-to-face week in each of the respective regions, which will focus on leading oneself, leading others and managing degree programmes (and portfolios). It will be preceded by a preparatory phase, which includes self-study and a demanding 360° feedback exercise. The face-to-face week will be followed by a project implementation phase at the participants’ home institutions with support and feedback provided by the faculty facilitators.

Professional certificate
Successful completion of the Executive Academy will lead to the award of a professional certificate issued by EFMD/EFMD Global Network. It is our strategic intent to develop the offer into the leading qualification for programme directors globally.

EFMD GN will enable graduates to stay connected. Regular alumni activities and the ability to interact with any given year’s group of participants will enable them to keep abreast with teaching & learning developments globally.

What makes the Executive Academy special?

The Academy’s value proposition is reflected in the attractive balance it offers in terms of personal development for the individual participant and improved performance for the employing organisation. The combination of conceptual analysis, integrated application and personal coaching will ensure sustainable impact on the participants’ professional work and career progression. The programme’s international focus will enable participants to integrate global trends into their day-to-day work.

Faculty facilitators are mainly business school executives with extensive experience in managing teaching & learning activities at their institutions. They are from respected schools representing a mix of public and private as well as large- and mid-size institutions.

The group of facilitators will be complemented with topical specialists in the areas of leadership, digital education, negotiation and customer satisfaction management. Facilitators serve as executive trainers offering perspectives distinctly beyond “sharing their own experience”. Stream leaders will ensure the integrated nature of the learning experience.

The participant’s development journey will gravitate around three pillars:

Leading oneself 
Participants will undergo a self-discovery process to better understand their strengths and limitations, which will contribute to the bridging of self-knowledge and self-leadership.

Leading others 
Participants will explore different ways of motivating and influencing staff, superiors and colleagues. They will learn how to maintain motivation in the people around them and how they can transform negativity into a source of creativity as well as turning “demanding” stakeholders into “committed” ones.

Managing programme provision 
Coverage of this topic includes how to drive a strategy-driven programme design and review process, how to manage different performance layers, how to interlink stakeholder expectations and satisfaction with the impact and relevance agendas, and how to capture the opportunities of disruptive innovation.

The Executive Academy’s integrated approach enables participants to move beyond the identification of institutional responses to market challenges. It develops an in-depth understanding of how each participant, with his or her abilities, limitations and constraints, can become a more effective driver of change.

How to apply?

Qualified applicants can apply at any time and for any of the Executive Academy’s streams.

Further information is available here.

If the preferred stream is fully booked, applicants can choose a different one or submit their application for the 2018 edition.

Empowering programme directors

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