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The EFMD business magazine

EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards 2015

2015 Excellence in Practice

Impactful Partnerships in Learning & Development.

The 2015 Excellence in Practice applications showcased the growing diversity in the Learning & Development landscape. Half of this year’s finalist partnerships, for example, have in-house or alternative providers as a prime solution driver rather than business schools.

About 40% concerned public services, and quite a few cases focused on the development of local talent to enhance global viability and sustainable competitiveness.

In most cases, a combination of learning formats and distribution modes is deployed adapted to the specific challenge at hand. In almost all cases, there are four recurring building blocks: residential face-to-face learning, virtual learning, coaching support and business-driven projects.

The case-specific blend or combination of all four seems to generate the best learning effects. It is not the novelty of approaches that is determining the effectiveness but rather the solidity of the design in line with true and tested practices.

Probably most striking of all is the explicit reference to both business and organisational aims while developing cohorts of individuals. This increasingly leads to multi-level, systemic indications of impact at the individual, process and organisation, company portfolio and business levels.

In a number of cases, an orchestrated set of programmes target different populations, sometimes linked to or building on each other.

In short, the 2015 finalists show a genuine determination to transform both the organisation and business while developing professionals and executives.

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