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Digital age learning

digital age learning

The digital revolution profoundly impacts the future of work, and it requires a fundamental rethink of the corporate learning function. EFMD launched the Digital Age Learning Special Interest Group to look in depth at how learning must change and how the function has to shape up in this disruptive context.

Sponsored by Steven Smith, head of the Corporate University at Capgemini, and supported by Spanish business school IESE, this group brought together 16 companies working on some of the building blocks for digital age transformation such as re-imagining learning architecture, harnessing the power of social learning, transforming the user experience and more.

The group built its point of view on “the nature of learning in the digital age,” based on business and academic literature, the direct experiences of the group as well as neuroscience.

Global Focus has selected seven articles to illuminate the process of digital age learning, from a corporate case study to broad explorations of the digital world and the potential for learning to be transformed.

Build capability and community

+ Place critical business questions at the centre

+ Engage talent with a vested interest in the question

GAIN solutions for the business and a community of talent that create meaningful behaviours and content for continuous learning

Collaborate and align

+ Bring together talent from diverse business backgrounds and expertise

+ Focus them on client and market challenges

OBTAIN alignment across the organisation through effective collaboration

Transform and grow

+ Build capability and community

+ Collaborate and align

EVOLVE the organisation and its people

Capgemini itself is in the process of digital transformation as a global company and this presents huge opportunities for its corporate university to enable and facilitate this transformation. Corporate university head Smith set himself a long-term agenda for doing this in 1995 when he moved from Corporate Strategy into Corporate Learning. And it still holds good in 2017. The linking piece that is missing but that informs every one of these tasks is technology.

“The advent of the digital ages provides even greater ways of achieving capability building, community, collaboration and alignment within organisations, as well as accelerating both the results, and the speed at which we need to transform and grow. Exciting times!” (Steven Smith, Capgemini Corporate University).

This is a key reason to bring together a leading business school, renowned specialists and 16 multinational companies to gain insight into how it can be tackled! The SIG Report offers a detailed report of this process, and this special Global Focus supplement gives you a taste of how this worked.

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See more articles from Vol.11 Issue 02 – ’17: Digital Age Learning.

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