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Collaboration that brings strategy to life: Learning rebranded at BBVA

Andrew Rutsch chronicles how Spanish bank BBVA is using its learning centre, Campus BBVA, not only to facilitate development but also to engage people with the company brand, values and strategy.

In an environment that is increasingly disrupting industries and even countries, organisations are struggling to respond.

Not surprisingly, in the learning and development (L&D) space the impact of training on job performance is considered successful in only 15% or even fewer cases. From a larger perspective, only one in three corporate development initiatives is considered successful (Sirkin, Keenan & Jackson 2005). If you were the chief executive of your organisation, what would you do to tackle this challenge?

Against this background, the recent EFMD CLIP Sharing Best Practice Workshop hosted by Spanish banking group BBVA in October 2013 in Madrid, Spain, showcased an encouraging example of the power of purposeful collaboration in the workshop, How the firm engages internal and external stakeholders around its brand and strategy through its Campus BBVA.

The banking sector is undergoing fundamental change

Today’s banking business is not the same as it used to be. It is marked by greater global competition driven by the economic recession bad practices by a number of banks causing considerable damage to the sector’s image technologies reinforcing transparency and influence of media and customers socio-demographic changes due to ageing workforces and generations, with new values increasingly stricter government regulations.

BBVA has fared remarkably well in this very difficult environment. It has continued to grow since 2010, creating net employment in Spain and avoiding costs to the government. In 2012 it generated 56% of its revenue in emerging markets and 44% in developed economies, with strong positions in growth regions such as Mexico, Turkey, South America and China. It generated an operating income of €11,655 million that allowed it to absorb loan-loss and real estate provisions without having to sell key assets or change its business strategy.

The BBVA strategy and journey is built on strong pillars

This is the result of a strategy based around three pillars – principles, people and innovation – on which the group has been building its competitive advantage for a long time.

For the full article, please read the PDF or listen to the Podcast to find out about: Leading BBVA requires enacting the future-together; Campus BBVA: a key platform for engagement and growth; Creating collective impact; The way forward: purposeful interaction that drives outcomes.

Collaboration that brings strategy to life: Learning rebranded at BBVA

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Andrew Rutsch is engaged in research and advisory on how enterprises and ventures become value creation champions. He received his Doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania, US, at the intersection of economic and neuro sciences. He is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

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