Global Focus Chinese 2016 – Issue 2

Highlights: Bringing quality to technology-enhanced learning David Asch and Martin Schader explain why EFMD has launched EOCCS EFMD’s Online Course Certification System Higher Pass Della Bradshaw and more.

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Global Focus Chinese 2015 – Issue 2

reorganising the political economy

This edition of Global Focus looks closely at the human side of business. Highlights include: “Re-organising the political economy” – capitalism has not failed nor is it in retreat.

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Global Focus Chinese 2014 – Issue 3

the challenges facing business schools

The latest issue of Global Focus features insight into many issues for business schools and companies: Sir Mark Moody-Stuart examines the difficulties of ensuring that the right values are agreed, understood and truly embedded in a large multicultural business organisation; The Jazz Age – social intrapreneurs are rarely individual heroes but more like jazz musicians jamming in a group; Enhancing talent development and talent acquisition; How being embedded in your region helps growth – Thomas Bieger explains how the University of St Gallen used the new Business School Impact Survey to consolidate and build on its local roots plus much more.

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Global Focus Chinese 2014 – Issue 1

the business school of the future

The latest issue of EFMD’s Global Focus magazine in Chinese. Highlights include: Dynamic capabilities and the business school of the future; Rethinking corporate universities; Intended learning outcomes: friend or foe? Globalisation: unfinished business for business schools; Executive development: a cry for immediate impact; Research that matters: thoughts on reinventing scientific (management) research and much more.

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Global Focus Chinese 2013 – Issue 2

major disruption ahead

Challenges and opportunities in the new business education world; Major disruption ahead!; Managing complexity: an idea whose time has come; Preparing Chinese managers for global leadership

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Global Focus Chinese 2012- Issue 1

deans across frontiers

No Borders: EFMD launches Deans Across Frontiers programme • Risky Business:Debating the importance of risk management • Revolution?The 21st century’s unlikley publishing heroes • Top Rank:Media rankings inform MBA changes and more.

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