The business school’s journey from unbundling to networks to ecosystems

unbundling to networks to ecosystems

The traditional “business model” of business schools is being challenged in fundamental ways. This relates to what education is offered and how, what role knowledge generation will play in the future, to what extent business and societal impact will become the other side of the “research coin”, and, finally, what type of faculty and staff will be needed to successfully way-find into the future of the business school.

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More than just compliance

quality assurance academy

The vast majority of new hires nowadays learn the fundamentals of quality assurance “on the job”, by observing and imitating peers. The Quality Assurance Academy offers an alternative (but complementary) pathway.

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Risk management ante portas

Ulrich Hommel and Anna Pastwa present the results of the EFMD Risk Management survey and argue that most business schools have just begun to look at this issue more seriously.

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