Excellence in Practice 2022 Introduction

Excellence in Practice 2022

This 2022 Excellence in Practice awards round has again resulted in a wide variety of submissions in terms of global spread, client diversity (governmental, corporate and social profit) and supplier diversity (in-house L&D departments, business schools and alternative providers).

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African acceleration

standard bank and henley

A programme designed by Standard Bank and Henley Business School Africa was called Acceleration and formed part of the Bank’s future-ready transformation strategy to grow the organisation beyond banking, and into a platform business.

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Achieving success in digital transformation


– GOLD WINNER OF THE 2019 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – Digital technology over the past few years has been developing faster than industries can exploit its advantages. In particular, traditional players with their roots in the pre-digital era must learn to adapt fast. When launching digital transformation initiatives, many organisations start with low-hanging fruit such…

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Agile journey of front-line business leaders towards business excellence


– GOLD WINNER OF THE 2019 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – A partnership with purpose! Chola MS (Mitsui Sumitomo, JV), a joint venture that entered the insurance business in 2003 with a vision to be the most respected company providing general insurance in India, sought to provide a career for hi-potential branch managers to evolve into…

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Top team drives business transformation


– GOLD WINNER OF THE 2019 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – They say that “no organisation outperforms its top team”. And that principle is at the heart of the project described here where a top team learns new ways of working and leading in order to succeed in a challenging competitive situation. Endo is a global…

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Building client-centricity for growth in Africa


– GOLD WINNER OF THE 2019 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – Standard Bank is a global financial services organisation, headquartered in South Africa with a footprint in 20 African countries. It is one of the largest banks in South Africa and employs more than 49,000 people globally. Standard Bank’s Corporate and Investment Banking division typically services…

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Accelerating leadership development at scale


– SILVER WINNER OF THE 2019 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – It’s a substantial undertaking to strengthen an entire global organisation’s performance culture. ING, a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation, can attest to this. In 2014, ING created its Think Forward Strategy under the leadership of CEO Ralph Hamers. The strategy communicates priorities to…

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How to accelerate the transformation of a financial giant


– SILVER WINNER OF THE 2019 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – Santander a Group is a Spanish multinational commercial bank and financial services company founded in Santander, Spain, and whose HQ is located in Madrid. The bank looks after 144 million customers worldwide and has a proud 161-year history of success. But past glory does not…

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Improved customer focused agility to better navigate disruptive forces


– SILVER WINNER OF THE 2019 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – “In a digital world, analog is more important than ever.” This was the comment from an Oracle executive after participating in the company’s first global, cross-function leadership development programme, Accelerate Executive Insight or AEI. As business catapults ahead with increased complexity, the opportunity to meet…

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Purposeful leadership in a digital world


– SILVER WINNER OF THE 2019 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – “The world is changing very fast,” says Olivier Blum, Chief Human Resources Officer of Schneider Electric. “We have to adapt the leadership and culture of the entire company to face this environment.” Such, in 2015, was the daunting challenge faced by Schneider, a global leader…

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Accelerated Excellence


– SILVER WINNER OF THE 2019 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – How do you – as a car manufacturer – influence your dealer network, ramp up customer satisfaction, improve sales and profits, and at the same time involve the dealers in paying the investments”? Questions Porsche AG was asking itself back in 2012. It was the…

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Hardwiring social responsibility and sustainable innovation in the DNA


– SILVER WINNER OF THE 2019 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – Thailand is facing the challenge of innovating in the global economy while suffering severe structural inequality, an ageing population and poor governance. However, Thai businesses know well that more needs to be done to boost human capital, broaden access to education and skills, and ensure…

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Forward-looking leadership development – Valmet and IMD

– GOLD WINNER OF THE 2018 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – In 2014, Valmet – a new organisation born out of a de-merger in the seemingly unsexy, unwanted industry of capital equipment and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries – sought to make the most of its leadership development programmes. How? By turning the…

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Integration Program Business Lead

– GOLD WINNER OF THE 2018 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – The Hanken & SSE Integration Program Business Lead® is a fast-track for unemployed educated immigrants and refugees into business life. The programme is offered in collaboration with the largest Social Impact Bond in Europe. Finland received over 30,000 asylum seekers in 2015. Among them were…

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Leadership at Telstra

– GOLD WINNER OF THE 2018 EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARDS – To achieve its vision of becoming a world-class technology company that empowers people to connect, Telstra sought to redefine what leadership means within the company. Telstra is in the midst of a massive transformation with customer expectations, competitors and technology changing rapidly. As Telstra evolves…

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