Ecosystem Edge: What can business schools learn from businesses?

Over the last decade, there has been a renewed and growing interest in deploying loosely coupled networks of companies and individuals as an alternative to integrated supply chains or tight alliances. This form of organisation seems particularly well-adapted to situations where companies are confronted with a high degree of uncertainty and the need to innovate.

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Does the DNA of business schools need to change?

Arnoud De Meyer argues for a new approach to meet new challenges – transforming business schools into ‘Schools for Business.’ The last ten years have been a golden era for business schools. But I am convinced we have reached a watershed.

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Building new ecosystems to create customer solutions


Interest in ecosystems is back with a vengeance but, say Arnoud De Meyer and Peter J Williamson, setting them up and maintaining them is far from easy.   We all know that the world in which businesses operate is changing fast. Agility and speed have become more important for an organisation than stability, predictability and…

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