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Ask a guru how to build a better business school

What’s the formula for a great business school? Take some high-quality research, add in some exceptional faculty, mix with great international students and wrap in accreditation and rankings. If only it were so easy.

For just over a decade, CarringtonCrisp has been answering this question for business schools around the world. Market research and intelligence have been provided to schools, and work has been undertaken to help them enhance their offer.

Now CarringtonCrisp has teamed up with EFMD to deliver the service (now the CarringtonCrisp website), making a package of high-quality market research studies available to business schools around the world.

Many schools are aware of the challenges facing their MBA programmes, and recent research has found that the percentage of students seeking full-time MBA study has fallen from just over 50% five years ago to only just over 40% today.

Andrew Crisp, co-founder of CarringtonCrisp, explains: “The guru service is about much more than data. On its own, the data can only take you so far. CarringtonCrisp provides analysis, insight and context from more than a decade of studying business education, bringing the data to life and making it relevant for a business school”.

The five market research studies that make up the service will produce data on alumni, MBAs, MScs, school websites, brand, reputation and marketing.

Whether a school wants to inform its strategy, improve market positioning, develop new degrees or build relationships with alumni, businessschool. guru offers individual school reports alongside global trends for each study.

Add in access to conference presentations, news from the global business education marketplace and a host of other benefits for those running business schools, and you have everything you would expect from a guru.

Eric Cornuel, Director General and CEO of EFMD, comments: The EFMD/ strategic partnership builds on our long standing relationship with CarringtonCrisp. For many years we have worked with CarringtonCrisp to provide our members with original research to help them build their business school offer. The service extends and deepens our relationship with CarringtonCrisp and offers a wealth of insights to our members as they look to the future”.

If you are thinking about the recipe for a better business school, a great place to start is to ask a guru.

If you would like to learn more about how this strategic partnership can benefit your school please visit: or contact Andrew Crisp.

If you have any other questions regarding how EFMD is supporting this partnership, please contact Matthew Wood at EFMD.

Ask a guru how to build a better business school

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