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ACE project offers new opportunities

The new EFMD-backed Alliance of Chinese and European business schools (ACE) offers increased opportunities for mutual understanding and cooperation, says Martine Plompen.

There is a new kid on the management education and development block. At the end of May this year (2013) 20 leading business schools came together to create the Alliance of Chinese and European business schools (ACE), a body supported by EFMD.

Since 2012, Wei Shen (Associate Dean for China and Jean Monnet Chair at ESSCA School of Management in France) and Chong Li (Director EFMD Asia) have been working to establish this joint project to share experiences of globalisation, encourage the internationalisation of business students, and, particularly, exchange ideas on management and business teaching and research.

The cultural richness of both China and Europe provides an ideal context for helping young people to develop a global awareness, though they will need a solid base of knowledge and multicultural understanding to be able to make connections. “The sharing of experiences and exchanges around internationalisation and the future development of teaching and research are the keystones,” says Catherine Leblanc, Dean of ESSCA, which hosted the May event in Angers, France.

Dean Leblanc emphasises that people-to-people exchanges and integrated thinking will be a major influence on students in the future.

ACE will focus on academic excellence and the synergy between research and education in order to better prepare the next generation of executives.

The basis of the joint project is the premise that there is much to share and to learn from very diverse institutional experiences. Planned activities include exchanges of students and professors as well as research conferences and the development of international skills modules.

The further roll-out of the initiative will be closely linked to EFMD activities, with a commitment to quality improvement. Eric Cornuel, CEO and Director

General of EFMD, underlined at the ACE launch that for over 40 years, EFMD has been involved in raising the standards of management education around the globe, stressing his support for the project. Through accreditation, conferences, seminars and research, EFMD has been a key player in the internationalisation of business education. More particularly, EFMD has long-standing experience and expertise in cooperation with China.

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ACE project offers new opportunities

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