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Mastering the art of quality: The need for a rising Asia

mastering the art of quality the need for a rising Asia

If you really want to be noticed, “be different and be of high quality” are words echoed by many across the world. After our successful launch last year, this second special edition of EFMD’s Global Focus: Mastering the Art of Quality – The need for a rising Asia– in association with FICCI, at India’s most prestigious platform in the education industry – FICCI Higher Education Summit 2016, is a proud moment for all of us!

In the context of higher education, it is not unusual to hear of the shifting of the centre of gravity to the east. Asia is becoming the next higher education superpower, which is evident from its progress over the last half-century. India, Asia’s third-largest economy, is projected to add 300 million people to its workforce over the next two decades. And all this growth will be among young people, India’s huge demographic dividend that will need to be educated as Shobha Mishra, Senior Director at FICCI, makes clear in her incisive article (page 4).

But despite Asia’s rapid growth towards superpower status, many challenges slow down its pace, especially issues related to quality assurance. The systemic and national challenges in Asia continue to impede quality and global competitiveness, which is more critical with the rising number of institutions.

There are challenges of harmonisation, regionalism and identifying common frameworks for higher-education reform and growth. How is it possible to develop a common framework of policies and strategies where the region is subdivided into many sub-regions, each with its own unique culture?

Ravi Kumar says, in his article, (page 16), never underestimate the local culture. But what happens if that becomes a challenge in internationalisation? Talking about the ingredients for the recipe of a successful business school is no secret as says Professor Zeger Degraeve, Dean of Melbourne Business School in, Australia (page 30). And as Rajan Saxena (page 12) points out, one of the most visible symbols of excellence and brand reputation is an institution’s alumni and faculty scholarship.

We are confident that this edition will give you some points to think about potential opportunities in Asia as you build on quality. There will be the spark of new ideas in mastering quality, in spite of diversity, scale and complexity involved in achieving it.

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