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Making brand Asia: The international tool kit

Making brand Asia the international took kit

It is our privilege to release this special edition of EFMD’s Global Focus: ‘Making Brand Asia – The international toolkit’, at the most influential and sought-after platform for Education in India: FICCI Higher Education Summit 2015.

The strong alignment and recent partnership of EFMD, which has a successful history of more than four decades, acting as a catalyst for excellence in the field of management education, and FICCI, which is the most authentic voice of India’s business and corporate world, will lead to a new dimension in the world of education, based on a promise of brand. A brand which stands for high quality, excellence, innovation, internationalisation and sustainability.

Recently, at the Make in India campaign, the CEO of Lockheed Martin India, quoted ‘India as an epicentre of innovation’, and my thoughts strongly resonate with him. The Make in India concept initiated by our respected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has been extended by us, to Making Brand Asia in the most creative industry of today – education and research.

Asia is the rising superpower and is achieving roaring success in various sectors. It is the market of today and the future. According to Bloomberg’s survey of economists, the world is expected to grow at 3.2% in 2015. China, Philippines, Kenya, India and Indonesia, which together make up about 16 % of global GDP, are all forecast to grow more than 5 % in 2015. Higher education is playing a pivotal role in driving Asia forward.

This magazine provides insight on how the western education industry has developed its successful brands globally and what is missing in India and Asia that we need to focus on to build global brands of the future. The International tool kit is a systematic approach that would require global students, faculty, creating original research, a robust far-sighted strategy, industry-linked curriculum, foreign languages, diversity in programmes and global partners. Dignified authors from esteemed institutes have shared their thoughts and experiences in this issue.

Most business schools claim themselves to be global, but are they really? Critics accuse business schools of doing irrelevant academic research, doing a poor job of preparing students for management jobs or lacking in values in ethical guidance. For all the above reasons, schools have turned to accreditation to demonstrate their worth and provide quality assurance to their stakeholders. Accreditation can certainly have a significant impetus on the development of a school’s brand and reputation. This edition helps the reader to understand the importance of accreditation and of organisation like EFMD that provides accreditation.

With the hope that you will think loudly on the challenges, solutions and ideas on how to Make Brand Asia, I open this issue for you.

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