Are we really never going back to the old ways of working?
A zero-based cultural perspective on dealing with the hybrid reality of teaching in business schools
Digitalising management education: Exploring the possible
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Digitalising management education: Exploring the possible

La digitalización de la enseñanza de la gestión
Read three perspectives, from Arnoud De Meyer, Thomas Bieger and Robina Xavier, that describe the opportunities and challenges of the digital transformation for business schools. All argue that having a sound strategy is essential.

A zero-based cultural perspective on dealing with the hybrid reality of teaching in business schools

business school future
Susan Fournier and Howard Thomas explore a new business school future, question existing approaches and identify and examine five core issues.

Are we really never going back to the old ways of working?

Peter Thomson and Mark Thomas revisit the assumptions they made a year ago about the impact of the pandemic.

Business school collaboration: Embracing our responsibility towards our planet

Concepción Galdón, Knut Haanaes, Daniel Halbheer, Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Katell Le Goulven, Mike Rosenberg, Peter Tufano, and Amelia Whitelaw discuss the importance of making knowledge available to the business community through various shared initiatives.

Whether (or wither) academic journal guides?

Angus Laing considers the place, the limits and the future development of academic journal guides.

Are the world’s business schools walking the walk?

David Grayson, Chris Coulter and Mark Lee introduce The Sustainable Business Handbook.

What socially responsible leadership looks like when it makes a difference

Maury Peiperl investigates the principles for making responsible business leadership effective. Are we making an impact?

How has Covid-19 changed business school candidate preferences?

Matt Hazenbush shares insights from a survey of 6,500 global prospective students on how their preferences have changed since Covid-19.

Women courageous

Michael Page, Madeleine van der Steege and Diane Coetzer discuss the importance, and progress, of embedding gender equality into business education.

Never waste a good crisis: Going for the management moonshots

Richard Straub explains that extreme shocks can be the impetus for progress and a stimulus for accelerated innovation in management.

Accepting refugees raises income per capita and wages in the long term, finds new research

A study by economists Antonio Ciccone and Jan Nimczik examines the long-term economic consequences of the inflow of refugees in Germany after World War II.

The changing nature of organisations

David Asch discusses the implications for business schools in challenging, complex and ambiguous environments.

How a new study-abroad scheme points the way for European business schools

The potential of technology, broadening cooperation and accessibility and tearing down barriers, by Josep Franch.

Building the world’s most relevant business school: The Hult Ashridge story

Dina Dommett and Roger Delves discuss the history of Hult Ashridge, from its origins in a 13th-century monastery to a modern educational charity.

Creating a green school

Reducing the carbon footprint of a modern-day university with a goal of a net-zero campus, by Debdutta Choudhury.

Working with influence: Nine (sometimes surprising) principles for persuading others at work

Amanda Nimon-Peters outlines her multi-disciplined approach to increasing personal influence in real and virtual workplace environments.

Student reviews as an applicant decision factor: What can business schools learn?

Jordi Robert-Ribes discusses the growth of student reviews, their impact on business school rankings and the importance of school alumni.

Bridging divides: Turf, Truth & Trust

Jan-Christian Sorensen introduces the Victoria Forum, a global platform for building consensus toward common goals.

This is what we mean by a double whammy!

The impact of Brexit and the pandemic on UK business schools and economists, by James Walker, Chris Brewster, Rita Fontinha, Washika Haak-Shaheem, and Fabio Lamperti.

The MBA and the value of practitioner engagement

Sarah Hardcastle discusses the vast advisory ecosystem that enables programme teams to better understand the fast-changing business environment and improve the business relevance of the MBA.

Tell us: What are you doing? Improving how you communicate your academic research, relevance and expertise

medios - australian business deans council
The Australian Business Deans Council has launched a book to boost skills in translating academic research for wide audiences. Leslie Falkiner-Rose explains its importance and summarises its content.

Shifts in student interest before and after the pandemic

Cara Skikne outlines a new report from Studyportals that presents insights into lasting shifts brought on by the pandemic.

Hidden in plain sight: the easiest leverage for change

Isabel Rimanoczy discusses the "Sustainability Mindset" and the path to an accelerated mindset transformation.

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