Business schools and the public good
Are business schools talking the walk?
A new role for business schools at the forefront of change
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A new role for business schools at the forefront of change

business school role in global recovery
The COVID-19 crisis makes it more important than ever to take a more global approach to recovery, says Eric Cornuel.

Are business schools talking the walk?

sustainability commitment
How well are business schools around the world communicating their sustainability commitment? Lars Moratis and Frans Melissen investigate.

Business schools and the public good

public good
Martin Kitchener, Tom Levitt, and Peter McKiernan investigate how ‘public good’ is reflected in the work of the UK’s business schools.

The benefits of collaborative front-line research

collaborative research
Jonathan T. Scott and Chenghai Yang explain a front-line research project bringing together an eclectic group of professionals to innovate and streamline key production segments in agriculture and other industries.

The future of lifelong and executive education

lifelong learning
Andrew Crisp looks at how the learning landscape is evolving and its implications for business schools.

Celebrating small wins and calling bold actions

business research
Anne S Tsui asks, is business research is finally reconnecting with the business world?

The new normal of business education: In search of a new common sense

new normal
The global business education industry is on the brink of a major transformation argue Sergey Myasoedov, Dmitry Katalevsky and Ashot Seferyan.

Contemporary Management Education: Eight questions that will shape its future in the 21st century

management education
Piet Naudé introduces his new book, 'Contemporary Management Education: Eight questions that will shape its future in the 21st century'.

Will traditional hierarchical relationships change in the digital age?

platform-style organisations
Katherine Xin investigates the rise of platform organisations and their impact on workplaces.

Purpose, innovation and resilience

IPADE Business School’s guiding principles during COVID-19 and towards the "next normal" by Gabriela Alvarado and Juan Romero.

Winter is…going? A gradual thaw in gender equality

gender equality
Anna Ginès and Victoria Cochrane report on progress developing and implementing gender equality plans in business schools.

Back to campus – vaccinated or unvaccinated?

mandatory vaccinations
Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger discusses the role mandatory vaccinations play to make teaching and learning as safe as possible when returning to the classroom.

Improvisation for resilience in times of change: Lessons from jazz

jazz improvisation
Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos looks at how business leaders can take cues from jazz to enable improvisation in challenging times.

Dean SK 2.0: Can part II ever be better than part I or does the Godfather movie series remain unchallenged?

dean SK2.0
Sherif Kamel on his journey from undergraduate to Dean, twice, and the challenges of an interconnected global environment.

The building of a tropical impact school

Thomaz Wood Jr shows how a Brazilian business school has become an impactful institution.

Champions changing the academic POP-culture

POP-culture scholarship
Are management scholarship and our universities in crisis? Morten Huse reports.

First understand the problem: Using real-world insight to create real-world impact

real-world impact
There exists a debate on what "impact" actually means and how it can be measured. Three simple rules can guide impact, says Paul Hughes.

Digital as a catalyst: Now is the time for business schools to transform

digital ecosystems
Business schools must continue to develop their digital ecosystems, to help prepare learners for a fast-changing and digitally-charged business environment, say Mike Cooray and Rikke Duus.

Asia’s social entrepreneurs and inclusive growth: Do well, do good… do sustainably

Social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs
Sheetal (Mittal) Bhardwaj, Havovi Joshi and Howard Thomas explain how social entrepreneurship creates both economic and social value, driving inclusive growth in Asia.

Learning and teaching boldly: The EdTech start-up in the room

Paul Somers and Dr Shazia K Jan look at how a partnership collectively pushes the boundaries between higher education and EdTech to address a long-standing and common problem.

Transforming our leaders for success in a VUCA world

leadership development
A journey from self-limiting to self-authoring: Carsten Tripler and Alex Grimshaw describe a radically different leadership development programme for BAYER leaders.